Squonk¹ DIY Parts

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Part to build your own Darwin Mods Squonk¹ 18650 Mechanical squonk mod. 

Choose your DIY Squonk¹ body separately and add your parts as required.

These are the parts I use to build the complete Squonk¹s, there are several ways to build these mods and so I have made parts available separately should you wish to try your own ideas.

Whilst these are not too complicated to build you will require a reasonable amount of experience and some basic tools (e.g Soldering Iron) to complete. I would suggest this is not a good project for a beginner. Always check and test your work before use! 

Jay vapes reviews has done a great build video- well worth a watch for anyone thinking of building a Squonk¹ you can find that here-  Videos

Teodoro from the Facebook group has also made this excellent written build guide you can download here- Teos awesome Squonk¹ build guide 

Full Kit- V2.5

The full kit contains all the parts(except the body) required to build your Squonk¹. Contains-

  • Copper main switch contact- These are custom laser cut to fit under the MM510.
  • Mod Maker 510 BF connector with 22mm SS Catch Cup.
  • Modmaker Custom Super Soft 8ml bottle- Cap drilled out for larger tubing and larger 2.5x5.3mm tubing fitted.
  • Berrylium Copper Spring bottom contact.
  • Brass M+F large top contact.
  • Custom Gold Plated 3.5mm Bannana plugs- Female plug is threaded M3 for securing screw.  
  • M3x28mm A4 SS securing screw and self adhesive Polyamide cover dot.
  • 20cm of 1.5mm² Silicon Wire- hopefully more than twice amount required.

Contact/Connector Pack- V2.5


  • Banana Connectors,
  • 28mm M3 Securing screw and Polyamide cover dot,
  • Berrylium Copper spring bottom contact
  • Brass M&F top contact.

Available Individually

  • MM510 Connector with SS 22mm Cup
  • Main Switch contact.
  • Bottle
  • Spare Wire