Squonk¹ V2.5 DIY Body

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3D Printed body to build your own Darwin Mods Squonk¹ 18650 Mechanical squonk mod.

V2.5 - 12mm 510 Hole to accept ModMaker 510. 

Choose your DIY Squonk¹ body and add your parts separately as required.

Squonk¹ DIY bodies are all pre-fitted with N52 magnets.

Bodies all go through post printing finishing, holes are cleaned and support materials removed. We aim for these to reach you ready to build, however they may be a small amount of preparation work required.



If you would like a diy body-

Matt Wood, who has been dong a lot of the 3D printing for me, has very kindly offered to sell the DIY bodies directly. He will make bodies to order and to your colour request. Parts kits will be available in the parts section.

You can contact Matt directly via the following google form.


Jay vapes reviews has done a great build video- well worth a watch for anyone thinking of building a Squonk¹ you can find that here-  Videos

Teodoro from the Facebook group has also made this excellent written build guide you can download here- Teos awesome Squonk¹ build guide